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Career Services Workshop Reaction: Cover Letters and Resumes

Today I attended a Cover Letter and Resume Workshop put on by Career Services in honor of Student Employment Week here at Georgia Southern University. I found the workshop to be helpful especially with graduation just around the corner. First the instructor went over how to build a winning resume; a winning resume is a good marketing tool that shows off your skills, talents and abilities. An important thing to remember that the instructor said is that the potential employer cannot see you, so you must put together an accurate, brief and concise professional document that will project your professionalism and potential worth to an employer.

In order to first start your resume, you need to begin by making a list of everything significant you can do or have experience in. It is important to list any jobs, education, experience in the field you are applying for, computer or technical skills, activities and involvement, awards and honors, foreign language fluency, professional affiliations, etc. Then when it comes time to actually creating your resume for your potential employer, then you pick out what best matches the job description from your list.

One thing that really surprised me today was how the instructor told us not to limit ourselves. For example she said it is okay to have a resume that is over one page even if you are just getting out of college. I found this surprising because I have always been taught that you have to “earn” additional pages on your resume, for example by staying with a company for more than 5 years, or just have been in a particular field for a long time with a lot of background knowledge. I found this helpful, because when creating my resume I had to make cuts on what should stay and what should go because I felt that it was not supposed to go over one page.

I also learned today that your objective and your cover letter are not just the same for every position, and that each one needs to be tailored for the position that you are interested in. Also if you are graduating college within the next year, it is not necessary to put any high school relevant information on your resume, this includes what high school you graduated from and when. But if you did receive an academic scholarship in high school for college, this is something that you would want to have on your resume.

In your cover letter, it is your goal to give the potential employer enough information for them to have interest into actually looking at your resume. Be sure to address your letter to an individual, make the most of the opening paragraph, use simple language, tell the employer how you can meet their needs and expectations, and be sure to have the correct and updated information for how they can reach you.

After all this, if your resume and cover letter describes exactly what the company is looking for, then you could be called for an interview or for references. The instructor today made it clear that your voicemail needs to be personalized, or at least say your name that way the potential employer knows that they have called the right number. In addition, stay away from downloading ring-backs or music; you never know if the person calling has a different taste in music as you. Lastly, be aware of the location of where you are when you answer your phone if the employer does call, for example if you are watching a football game with 20 people screaming in the background, it is best to just let it go to voicemail and then call them back at your earliest convenience.


Interview Recap with Allie Burrow

Allie Burrow was a Public Relations major at Georgia Southern University; she has now graduated and works for Parkmobile USA, Inc. as their Marketing Coordinator. I first met Allie in 2007 when she I were in the same sorority. Allies typical day of work begins around 8 in the morning, where she checks Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. She replies to all comments and updates the social media for Parkmobile by letting followers know what is going on for the day and what is happening soon. Allie also checks City Bid, and handles all the booking for conferences and trade shows.  Her responsibilities include getting all press materials ready for anything they are about to launch or attend. Allie stays busy with her position and this week she is writing 4 press releases for different cities they are about to launch in, and has coordinated radio remotes for their Albuquerque launch, that she will attend this April. Parkmobile is getting ready to announce their Mobile App on iTunes, so Allie has been booking tables at universities and surrounding cities.

Allie said she keeps current with the PR world, by saying that everything revolves around Twitter and Facebook at her job; she says if it wasn’t for those two things she would not have a job today. Allie says she does a lot of writing but it is not hard for the most part because it’s writing on Twitter and Facebook. She says her week consists of anything and everything that deals with social media, and preparing all press kits and materials for upcoming launches.

Allie really enjoys working in PR, because of how broad it is. She loves how with PR you can be creative and think outside the box. She loves the flexibility and how each day is never the same. The advice that she offers to others in PR is to just stay connected, do lots of internships, and take something with you from each company that you work with. Allie also recommends for students to keep their AP Style book because she uses it everyday.

Alllie said that GSU did prepare her for the PR world, and especially Barbara Nixon introducing her to Twitter, because that is the reason she landed a job. She says everything she learned in her PR classes she has used and implemented at work.

Internship Advice

With graduation quickly approaching, I begin to think what is next for me? Starting in May, I will begin my internship program with hopes that this will open the door for me. Most employers are now hiring individuals based on their real world experience. An internship is the perfect opportunity for people who are looking for that real world experience, but at that same time still have the guidance and assistance from a mentor. An important factor to remember is that no matter how small the job or task is on the internship site you are still getting that feel of a real life job is like.

An internship also gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge about that field, implement the skills you already have and know, as well as work with others and learn team building skills. Internships can help improve your communication skills and how well you effectively communicate with co-workers.

Another good thing about internships, is this is the one time in-between your college career winding down and your professional career beginning- I’m sure for those of us interning will be surprised how much we grow up during that short time frame. During this time it is also essential to remember networking. This is a perfect time to reach out to those in the company you are interning for make sure you really impress them, this way you can use them for references in the future or for social networking.

Internships are not only a time for superiors to evaluate subordinates, it also a time for subordinates to evaluate and assess superiors, current employees, and the company. For example if the company was really impressed by you and offered you a job but you were not pleased with the company- then you would not want to accept an offer where you will not be satisfied. Make sure that the company you are interning for has ethics and standards that they go by, that match your likings or preference.

I found this site to be helpful for anyone looking for tips on internships: Top Tips for Internship Success I liked how the authors offered tips of being professional, here are some of them:

  • Show up on time. Tardiness is not a quality employers look for in potential hires.
  • Take only the specified break-time for lunch or coffee and always return on time.
  • Avoid missing work. If you must be absent, request permission from your supervisor in    advance.
  • Dress for success. Take cues from your co-workers and dress appropriately.

Another key factor the authors mentioned was about keeping a log or maintaining a record. This is good idea because you do not want to forget anything you learned during that time. Here are the tips they offered:

  • Log in with a daily journal. Create a list of your daily tasks and chart your feelings about your work. Which tasks did you like the most? Which seemed the least interesting? Reviewing the list later can help you make future career decisions.
  • Record your various projects. Describe the purpose and guidelines of each project and your particular contribution.
  • Keep a professional souvenir. Ask your supervisor if you can keep a copy of any projects you work on – brochures, reports, etc. These can be a great addition to a portfolio when you’re looking for a job.
  • Keep in touch and keep a record of your performance. Ask for copies of any performance reviews. At the end of your internship, ask for a letter of reference.

Trade Book Review: “Naked Conversations”

Trade Book Review of Naked Conversations

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What to Wear to an Interview

In my opinion job interview attire is probably the most important attire you will ever wear other than your wedding gown. A job interview is the one moment you are really trying to impress someone, so it is vital that you dress for success. Remember that it is always best to be overdressed then underdressed, even if the place where you are inquiring about has a relaxed, casual dress code. Always dress conservative and be sure to cover any tattoos or piercings.

While most interviewees only think about clothing it is imperative to think about your shoes as well. Be sure to have leather shoes polished, patent leather shoes free of scuff marks. Women need to remember to wear heels but keep the heel at a reasonable height; you do not want to walk into an interview with five inch heels and shoes that you can barely walk in. This also goes along with your clothing; remember to keep your shoes conservative. You do not want to go into interview with a classic black business suit and then a pair of hot pink heels; this will just throw everything off. Also, remember if the bottoms of your shoes or soles are worn out it is best just to replace to sole or buy a new pair of shoes.

Your hair needs to be washed and combed nicely. Personally I would stay away from any vivid or “loud” hair accessories; for example, no brightly colored headbands, hair feathers, scarfs, ribbons, or extravagant hair barrettes. If you choose to wear your hair pulled back make sure it is done neatly and with neutral colored hair pieces.

Don’t forget your nails and hands. Make sure ladies to have manicured nails with a neutral polish if you choose to wear one. Also, be sure nails are trimmed and not excessively long. Keep jewelry to a minimum, wearing only one ring per hand. Men need to make sure their hands and nails are clean also; free of ink stains or dirt under nails. In addition, guys need to keep nails manicured and trimmed too.

Lastly, remember that it is not just your clothing being judged, it is the whole package of how well you present yourself. Keep it classy and conservative and remember to dress for success and to impress.

Career Advice from Monster Jobs said this:

“Your image matters because it shows your attentiveness to detail and gives recruiters an idea of how you’ll represent their company to clients, both internally and externally,” Glass concludes. “The visual message you send makes a big difference in how you’re perceived and, ultimately, whether or not you get the job.”

Here are some tips from Kim Zoller at Image Dynamics about dressing for an interview:

Women’s Interview Attire

  • Solid color, conservative suit
  • Coordinated blouse
  • Moderate shoes
  • Limited jewelry
  • Neat, professional hairstyle
  • Tan or light hosiery
  • Sparse make-up & perfume
  • Manicured nails
  • Portfolio or briefcase

 Men’s Interview Attire  

  • Solid color, conservative suit
  • White long sleeve shirt
  • Conservative tie
  • Dark socks, professional shoes
  • Very limited jewelry
  • Neat, professional hairstyle
  • Go easy on the aftershave
  • Neatly trimmed nails
  • Portfolio or briefcase

What Not to Wear on an Interview By Alison Doyle, Guide

What Not to Wear on a Job Interview

  • Flip-flops or sneakers.
  • Underwear (bras, bra straps, briefs, boxers, etc.) that is visible. Don’t wear any underwear that shows – even if your bra straps match your top.
  • Shorts.
  • Jeans.
  • Skirts that are too short.
  • Pants that are too low-rise or too tight.
  • Blouses that are too low-cut or too short – don’t show your cleavage or your belly.
  • More on underwear and low-rise pants – make sure the top of your thong, if you wear one, doesn’t show above your pants.

Blog Comments

  1. Body Language and NonVerbal Communication During a Job Interview

Meghan Beytagh


COMMENT: (Can’t paste comment until Meghan approves it.)

  1. Foursquare

Brittany Cook



I agree with what you said about Foursquare being a privacy issue. I know for a fact I would not want people knowing where I am every hour. To me personally, I would not use it at all and basically I have nothing against it. I just do not want to use it for safety reasons. But on the other end, it is a great tool for businesses, and can only help communication in the long run. One really cool thing about Foursquare is that it offers a Top 12 list of recommendations. I did not know that and that will be effective for someone to use if traveling or ever visiting somewhere they have never been.

3. Search Engine Visibility

Haley Higgs


I found it interesting as well that more people now use Twitter search than Google search for news, I couldn’t believe that, that many people were involved with Twitter. In addition, after reading the position paper I also was shocked reading that social searches are becoming more necessary in the existence of search engines. Also that people rarely click after the first page of searching, I know that this is true with myself… but I never knew other did that as well.  I also agree with you and Alli and I think it would be nice to see the stats now for Google search engines.

4. Weekly Topic: Social Media defined in 140 Characters

Kati Ann Wright


Kati Ann, I really enjoyed your post about social media and what you thought was the best definition. My favortite part that you wrote about was how a tweet is almost like a billboard. I like how you said it needed to be,  “short, precise, and should be of some sort of importance to the reader. There’s only so much time before someone driving a car will pass a billboard, making it that much harder for an advertiser to figure out just how to word the meaning their trying to get across. It must be big and bold.” I know that after reading this, it will help me when it comes to me tweeting, because most of the time I find it hard to say something of importance or relevance.

5.Super Bowl Media

Kacie Whigham


Kacie I really enjoyed reading your post about the Superbowl. To be perfectly honest I never really considered tying Twitter, social media and the Superbowl all into one. It is crazy to think that we all have the access and technology to be able to tweet about anything because this did not exist 20 years ago. I also loved you quote at the end about it being a social media world and the superbowl just lives in it, I feel like that is true for everything now.

6. PR Connections- University Proposed Budget Cuts

Allie Schlumper


Allie, I really enjoyed reading your post about the budget cuts at GSU. I especially liked how you wanted to make sure that everyone was informed of what is going on rather than everyone just going off what they hear. I also agree with you about how President Keel and  his staff handled the situation by posting the video. Hopefully there is something that we can do before we graduate because I would hate to GSU suffer in any way possible.

7. TOW4: Defining Social Media in 140 Characters

Victoria Greene


Victoria, I really enjoyed reading your post on what you think social media is.

 I will have to say after reading all the definitions that you chose as your favorite, I would say that this one is one of my fav.

J Garant:  A borderless space to consume & share information & opinions – to engage directly with industry minds & develop personally and professionally

I love how he started out using the word borderless, to me that word could not be more perfect when describing social media, because there really are not boundaries.

8. T.O.W. : Week 3

Bisofly Blog


Your post on social media and if it is ethical or not I found to be interesting. I really like the part that said, “When running a business it is imperative to know how your customers and potential customers feel about your brand, and what they are saying about your brand if you want your brand to continue to grow and prosper.” I totally agree with you on this because how are you supposed to know if your product is growing if you are not really sure what the consumers are saying about it. I also agree with you about how social media is a  good tool for businesses to get feedback from its customers.

9. Classy Comments

Maranda Butler


After reading your post on Classy Comments, I never realized until now how much etiquette was needed in blogging and commenting. I always think of blogging as a free open forum to write about whatever, whenever and hope for some feedback. I found it helpful when you discussed how successful blogs are ones with feedback and comments. The only way to get more traffic to your blog is for the blogger to be more active in the blog scene. It is like what Dr. Nixon told us, “blogging should never be lonely.”

10. Dress to Impress

Jeff Carter


Jeff, I found your post  “Dress to Impress” to be very beneficial, especially since graduation is approaching and I will need to know what to wear during an interview. I also found your comment about how in PR firms more of a casual attire is now more accepted. That is awesome for all of us who are looking into going into that field, because I know I am so much more comfortable when I am not in a business suit. I also liked how you included what not to bring to an interview, often times we probably do not think about bringing things (especially our cell phones.. that is soo second nature!)


Home for the Holidays: Listening to Your College Student

Barbara Nixon


I really enjoyed your post about you son coming home from college and all the advice/warnings you informed readers about. What I found most humerous about the post was that almost everything you said about your son was the exact thing that I do/did to my parents when I come home. You really hit home for me when you discussed: laundry, curfews, late sleeping, family time, little conversation, tattoo, empty wallet, spending time with friends. 

 12. Shift Happens: Viral Videos

Lauren Hopkins

April  11, 2010



 I really enjoyed watching your videos and reading your post about what it is that makes a video viral. Thats is funny that you mention how the dancing video had more views than the Did You Know? but at the same time I can believe it because I know myself I have seen those videos in a couple of college courses. Those Did You Know? videos always seem to amaze me and I always wonder how they came up with all the statistics provided in them. I just had the opportunity for one of my classes to try and create my own video to see if it goes viral… Lets see what happens!


13. Foursquare and the Future

James Kicklighter



Hello James,

After reading you post about Foursquare and from the small amount of current knowledge I have about the online application, I find it to be very dangerous. We already have so much access to things online that help us find popular venues, restaurants, interesting places to visit, that I do not think it is necessary for a tracking device to track me everywhere I go, that way others can inform me what to check out that is nearby. I believe that I can just use a search online or talk to people I know and trust about locations.

14. Resume- Digital Portfolio

James Kicklighter



James this is quite the impressive resume. Not many students graduating from college have resumes like this, you should be very proud of everything you have accomplished in your life. It is not too often that people have the same driven ability and talents thats you do. I look forward to keeping up with you after graduation and finding out what you are doing with your life, I know one day I will see you on the red carpet winning some type of award for a movie. Just remember not to forget about the rest of us you met back in Veazy  trying to make it, wishing we there in Hollywood, haha! Good luck with everything!


15. PR Connection 9: Kate Gosselin and Dancing?

Kati Ann Wright

April 20, 2010…4:29 pm

Kati Ann,

After reading your post about Kate and her being on the show Dancing With the Stars, I will have to say that I completely agree with you. She has remained positive and strong during the hard ridicule from the media and press. I bet she just wants everyone to leave her alone and her kids alone. But at the same time, she kind of brought this upon herself by ever agreeing to do a reality TV show to begin with. I do not think just because she chose to do a reality show that she should lose her kids during the custody battle.

16.“Viral” Video Projects, Spring 2010 ::

Barbara Nixon

Prof. Nixon,

I really enjoyed watching all of the other classmates videos. It was funny how everyones video was so different and each one was full of a different personality. I would have to say my favorite was Biso Gxashe’s because it was filmed with a good quality camera, but at the same time, it was a laid back video and really showed his personality. One thing that I found funny was that none of the faculty would be in our groups video when we asked them… but then I noticed they were in other groups..I wonder why?? hahaha!

17. PR-Connection- Bad publicity is Good publicity April 21, 2010

Emily Roche

Emily, I agree with about the whole Toyota scandal. Whats funny is I wrote a pr connection blog about this as well, it def. was a big deal this year. I found it interesting about what you said from NASCAR. I had not heard that yet, but it does make you think differently.

-Micaela Carter

18. Humor in a VIRAL VIDEO IS THE KEY April 20, 2010

Emily Roche

Hey Emily,

I really enjoyed watching your video it really made me laugh. But as we all know, we only continue to watch and refer the videos that are funny to us. I find it hard sometimes to get off of YouTube, because it always keep me laughing! But like you said all viral videos are not funny, there are serious ones that help get messages out, or ones that people create for charities too. I have really enjoyed reading all your posts this semester, have a good summer


19.Social Media… To Use or Not to Use…??? April 20, 2010

Emily Roche

Hey Emily,

Thats funny what you said about the social networking sites you were apart of before this class, because those are the same ones I knew about to. And we also have the new ones in common as well. I think that this class really has jump started our preparation for what we need to expect when we are in the real world. That time is approaching so quickly, I’m not sure if im ready for this social media explosion.


20. PR connections- Tiger Woods.. Still like em? April 21, 2010

Emily Roche

Hey Emily,

 I will def. agree with you on Tiger Woods being one of the biggest most talked about scandals of the year. But I will have to say after watching his apology that I also felt it was very rehearsed and not from the heart. I’m not sure if he really was sincere or not, but at the same time he could have been nervous and scared out of his mind. Because I know that if I ever did anything that compared to that, I wouldnt want to face the public ever again. But I do agree with you.. its one of those things you will have to decide on your own, if you think it was sincere or not? But I will say, that boy can play some golf!


21. Passing Employer’s “Background Check”

Lauren Hopkins

Hey Lauren,

After reading your post on companies monitoring social media, I found everything in it that you said to be very helpful. That could not be more perfect timing for your mom to find that, right before graduation..and for all us PR students who are constantly using social media. I really enjoyed the tips that you gave about what to have and not to have on your facebook profile. But one thing I learned last week at a Career Services event on Interviewing Skills, is that it is considered an “illegal” question if they ask you to log onto your profile during the interview because it cuts into your personal life and they cant ask about your personal life.



Benefits and Pitfalls of Social Media

Social Media is continuing to grow as we speak and the ability for it to continuing to grow and reaching others globally is increasing. All in all social media definitely has its pros and cons. Social media can be convenient because it helps in interacting with friends, family and acquaintances and also with networking. A good thing to remember or keep in mind if you are trying to increase your social web presence, is to remember that everything over the Internet is traceable and for the most part viewers can have access of view anything about you that you put out there online.

Before declaring my major in Public Relations, the only social networking site that I was active on was Facebook. Now I am a part of WordPress, LinkedIn, PR OpenMic, Twitter and still active on Facebook as well. I found all of these networking sites beneficial to me right now, and they have really helped me understand a lot more when it comes to social media and public relations networking. But to be perfectly honest I do not see all of these sites as favorable as the other. For example, I love Facebook because anyone I meet I can become friends with through Facebook and communicate with them through it. I enjoy logging onto Twitter to try and keep up with others, but I would say that I’m not nearly as active on here because sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say or tweet about. WordPress became part of my life about a year ago when I was in my first class with Barbara Nixon as my professor, and she just opened up so many more doors about what is out there and offered online. I enjoy reading other people’s posts and comments but at the same time, I feel like I do not have enough time in my day to become an active full-time blogger unless it was my profession. A downfall to social media and all the devices would be time management. In order to be active and really have your name out there, you really have to commit to each outlet, by checking and updating constantly.

The best part about social media and networking to me is being able to keep up with current trends and also keep up with friends and family easily. All the social media outlets out there provide us with ways to keep everyone updated on what is going on in our lives. As for networking and job searching, social media makes this a lot easier. Even though it does take away from the face-to-face interaction, there are things available out there, like Skype in which you can communicate through web cam’s and be able to see each other. Being able to communicate effectively with someone through these outlets is time consuming though, it sometimes can lead to miscommunications, delays if the internet service is not available, and also you can lose or not even have that personal one on one face-to-face interaction.

 Dr. John Sullivan provides some great tips on the benefits of social media for job seekers, check out his website:

 This site provides information on how to take advantage of social media when you job hunting:

 Here is blog I found and under the Career category they offer great advice for anyone who is job hunting, and the link provided below compares different social media outlets out there.