What makes a video go viral? TOW 13

What does it take for a video to go viral? In my opinion I think the video has to be humorous in order for people to keep telling others to watch it. The video also need to be unique, meaning no one else has created a video like this. Some videos that go viral are not always planned. For example, “David After Dentist” was a father filming his son after his son got a tooth pulled and then child was still on medication in the car ride home and the child didn’t realize what was going on in his body…just that he “felt funny.” I’m sure the father was not thinking that this video was going to go viral all over YouTube, because he probably did not think that people, who did not know his son, would find it nearly as funny. But that is the best part about viral videos; you never know how many people really are going to end up watching them and referring them to other videos to watch and download. Another factor that I believe makes a video go viral is when the footage is so unexpected. For example one of my favorite viral videos is one originally shot by a news camera crew in Mobile, Alabama. The video talks about how the people living in Mobile have been seeing a leprechaun but no one can seem to catch it. The best part is someone drew an amateur sketch of what they saw when they had their encounter with the leprechaun, and the sketch was used in the news story. Also the whole idea was just hysterical, the fact that these people thought there was a gold somewhere nearby because the leprechaun had brought it. In addition, one man said he had inherited a special leprechaun flute from his ancestors and this is what he was trying to use to attract the leprechaun to him. Other examples of popular viral videos are the ones made and uploaded by Chris Crocker. One of my favorites is one called “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE.” Crocker is obsessed with Britney Spears and considers himself her biggest fan. He made a video of himself lying on a bed talking about how the paparazzi and everyone else out there needs to leave Britney alone and why she needs to be left alone. The funny part of the video is how intense Crocker gets, he begins to cry and scream at the camera and try and really show off his love and obsession for Britney by defending her. Crocker has made plenty of videos and all of his seem to go viral, and I think it is due to how extreme he is and how he always pushes the limits too far in every video.



Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama



9 responses to “What makes a video go viral? TOW 13

  1. Micaela,
    I agree!! The funnier the video seems to be the quicker word gets around about it. You picked two of my favorite viral videos. David at the dentist is hilarious even though it seems kind-of wrong and has been viewed by millions of people. Did you know that you can even buy t-shirts based on the video? I come from a very Irish family and around St. Patrick’s Day last year I showed my dad the leprechaun spotting in Mobile video and he emailed to a lot of his friends. Older generations are being introduced to these videos through their children and grandchildren.

  2. I think it is hard to tell what exactly makes a video go viral, but there is a reoccurring theme of humor. I got a chance to see the viral video you guys made for PR and Social Media and I thought it was hilarious! I think I liked it even more because the clip of me dancing was not in it!! haha Your video was fun and interesting and gave a different outlook on Veazey Hall and the Communication Arts Department. It will be interesting to see if any of our videos go viral. We all spent a lot of time producing these videos and I think they all turned out great!

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  4. There are so many factors that involve a video going viral. First of all, is the content accessible? Is the information actually going to be utilized by the people on the web. For instance, there are lots of animal and baby videos, but only a few are very popular. If the right people are watching, then it’s more likely to be shared. Just look at Twitter, when people with lots of follower share information, it’s more likely to be looked at. Thus, it’s important to think about your audience with viral videos. Thanks for your thoughts!

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  6. I agree that humorous video make it a lot easier for a video to go “viral.” Another thing I would like to add is controversial videos also gain lots of attention. People are always ready to jump on videos that are not apart of our cultural “norm.” The thing is when we view these controversial videos and make comments and repost them. We are the reason they are made viral. I’m not saying it is anything is wrong with it because I am indeed guilty of this.

  7. Jessica Cameron

    Humor is definitely a common theme in viral videos. Is this because so much of our television shows are reality shows and are not really that funny? So we look to the internet to get our fix of humor. I love that you picked Chris Crocker to talk about! He makes me laugh so hard! Two of my favorites are “Scarlett takes a tumble” and “Single Ladies Gone Wrong.” I laugh just thinking about both of them. It’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t just go to YouTube to find funny videos to watch. It seems like that’s all we’ve been doing for years now. What did we do before YouTube??

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