Interview Recap with Allie Burrow

Allie Burrow was a Public Relations major at Georgia Southern University; she has now graduated and works for Parkmobile USA, Inc. as their Marketing Coordinator. I first met Allie in 2007 when she I were in the same sorority. Allies typical day of work begins around 8 in the morning, where she checks Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. She replies to all comments and updates the social media for Parkmobile by letting followers know what is going on for the day and what is happening soon. Allie also checks City Bid, and handles all the booking for conferences and trade shows.  Her responsibilities include getting all press materials ready for anything they are about to launch or attend. Allie stays busy with her position and this week she is writing 4 press releases for different cities they are about to launch in, and has coordinated radio remotes for their Albuquerque launch, that she will attend this April. Parkmobile is getting ready to announce their Mobile App on iTunes, so Allie has been booking tables at universities and surrounding cities.

Allie said she keeps current with the PR world, by saying that everything revolves around Twitter and Facebook at her job; she says if it wasn’t for those two things she would not have a job today. Allie says she does a lot of writing but it is not hard for the most part because it’s writing on Twitter and Facebook. She says her week consists of anything and everything that deals with social media, and preparing all press kits and materials for upcoming launches.

Allie really enjoys working in PR, because of how broad it is. She loves how with PR you can be creative and think outside the box. She loves the flexibility and how each day is never the same. The advice that she offers to others in PR is to just stay connected, do lots of internships, and take something with you from each company that you work with. Allie also recommends for students to keep their AP Style book because she uses it everyday.

Alllie said that GSU did prepare her for the PR world, and especially Barbara Nixon introducing her to Twitter, because that is the reason she landed a job. She says everything she learned in her PR classes she has used and implemented at work.


4 responses to “Interview Recap with Allie Burrow

  1. I follow Allie on twitter and I hear her talking about ParkMobile all the time! It’s such a cool concept and what a great job for her! It still amazes me how much people are using social media in jobs today. If I hadn’t been taught to blog and twitter, I’d be lost! I know for my wedding planning internship, I have to write one blog a week an keep up a twitter account. Companies are pretty much requiring it now!

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  3. Allie is one of my dearest friends, and I loved reading this. We actually earlier today had a conversation via facebook chat, over the growing trends in social media. I sent her a link to my blog and asked her to read some of the issues I had been talking about through my posts. Allie loved them. She couldn’t agree more with the way things have changed due to social media. As she said in her interview its what got her the job she has now. I discussed with her the trends in social media and the question of will it ever end. Is this a fad? We both came to an agreement that it has made so many changes in so many types of venues and people that we believe there is no turning back. I really enjoyed reading her interview. Thank Micaela for posting it.
    -Kati Ann

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