Delicious -TOW 11


Delicious is a social bookmarking site, in which you can track all your favorite or most visited sites. We can all benefit from this by seeing what sites our friends and families are going to. Students can benefit from this especially if you are working in a group because this way you can see where all the other group members have been researching. In the end, Delicious can probably make the research portion of a project run a lot smoother if everyone is informed of the sites that all group members are using. People can use Delicious also if they want to track sites that way they can refer them to others.

 I personally use StumbleUpon, I find this social bookmarking application very entertaining. I know that whenever I’m bored that I just plug in my interest to StumbleUpon and it brings up the most bizarre but interesting websites.

 Below are some sites that I bookmarked on Delicious. These are all sites that I frequently visit.


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