Listening to podcasts is a new popular and convenient way that companies are starting to use. A podcast is a series of audio or video files that is distributed over the Internet (pg.121, A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization). A podcast is different from other audio/video files because it is streamed through the Internet. Students who major in Public Relations can benefit from podcasts because of how easily accessible they are. People who are in PR always seem to be busy because they have their hands dipped into everything.

So PR professionals and students can multitask and benefit from podcast because they are streaming from online, so they can listen to them everywhere as long as there is internet access.

 So if you’re busy walking across campus you can hold your Blackberry and listen to the podcast. It could also be convenient when or if you ever get stuck in traffic or just on your way to work. This way once you get where you need to be, if you’re pushed for time, or there right on time, you know that you already listened to yesterday’s minutes through a podcast, from the conference you could not attend. Then that part is already taken care of and you will see how podcasts benefit us, especially in crunched situations.

 Organizations might choose to use podcasts to target their publics, because they are convenient and easily accessible.


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