PR Connections #1 “Kell on Earth”

After watching the new television series Kell on Earth about a well-known world of fashion and public relations company, I feel that this show could not have come out in a more convient time in my life. I’m graduating in May and seeing a series tv show about what I hope to do is really helpful. One of my favorite episodes that best relates to social media is when a girl is interviewed at Peoples Revolution and tweets about the whole expeirence. The girl eventually gets hired and fired all within 30 mintues because she shared too much information about Peopls Revolution over Twitter.

This episode right here is an example of a bad way to use Twitter, even though the young girl was excited about being at Peoples Revolution and wanted people to know about where she was, she probably did not think of what would happen. To be perfectly honest after watching that episode I was slighty confused on how all these social networking sites are supposed to be used. For example, now a days I feel encouraged to be active on all these networking sites when it comes to PR. You would think that a girl that is interviewing to work for a PR company would think its okay to be very “vocal” on these sites. But instead, she lost the job before she even started because the company already did not see her as a trustworthy person, since she was already revealing so much about the company before even working for them.


2 responses to “PR Connections #1 “Kell on Earth”

  1. Jessica Cameron

    I have seen this television show, but had no idea Kell on Earth was about a public relations company. Now I am intrigued and will have to check it out. I have heard about employees getting fired because of the excessive information they shared to the public about a company or situation going on. If a company has a big top secret situation that they are dealing with or are trying to plan something, how can they hire somebody who shares everything happening within their workplace/company on a social networking site? I think although sites like Twitter can be very useful to companies, they can always be harmful and companies will now how to be very picky in who they hire according to how much they believe they can trust that person with the secrets within their company.

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