T.O.W. #7 Foursquare

Foursquare is used by people to tell others about your whereabouts, or as some refer to it as “checking-in.”  By letting others know about where you are can give those ideas or suggestions of places or locations nearby that they need to check out. People check-in at all kind of places, for example; cafes, bars, restaurants, parks, homes, offices, etc. Foursquare can be helpful because it can assist you in knowing what kinds of places your friends like or have an interest in. This is great way to know where people are at and who is near you in case you want to meet up. Foursquare can be beneficial in letting you travel and discover places you have never been, in addition to having suggestions from others about where to go and why. Foursquare keeps track of the things you’ve done and where you have been. It can also help you create to-do lists and even suggest fresh experiences to search.  It is also convenient when checking into restaurants because people can give suggestions on what is around for afterward or even give ideas for what is good on the menu. To get the best feedback possible from Foursquare, “check-in” to every place you go to when you are in a certain city that way others can offer you the best advice.

Companies can benefit from Foursquare because they can track what their client really enjoys or likes, and then attend to them in this way. For example, if you are meeting a potential new client for lunch, it would be helpful if you already knew what restaurants this client visits and that way you know what they like in advance.

Along with everything online today there are dangers; Foursquare can also reveal too much information. Sometimes it is best for everyone not to know where you are at all times. Some people may consider what they are not doing while they are not at work as private and maybe they do not want the public knowing every move and place they go. Also, it is hard to know who to trust, who knows someone could lead or suggest a place that is not safe to go to.


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