T.O.W. #5 Search Engine Visibility

      After reading Search Engine Visibility An Edelman Digital Position Paper, I feel that I am more aware of search engines and what they are all about. Something that really shocked me is the amount of searchers registered with Google alone in July of 2008. 7.23 billion is a huge number, and this tells me that there are a lot of people out there relying on dependable information through search engines. The paper also said that the average American visited 111 domains and 2,554 pages in March 2009, this also surprised me because I know with me personally I rely on search engines for everything on the Internet, especially Google.

“Google led the search market in February 2009 with 63.3 percent of the searches conducted, according to comScore.” (pg. 3)

      One thing that was startling about Google, was that in March 2009, Advertising Age reported that several major news organizations has asked Google to give it favorable positioning. And that when a hot topic in the news was being searched, Google “returned links to outdated BBC stories, Wikipedia entries and even an anti-Semitic YouTube video well before coverage by the Times, which had an experienced reporter covering the topic.

      I learned that Google crawl sites more frequently produce better quality content more rapidly than they do other, more static properties. This could due to site having to earn Google’s trust first. In order to gain Google’s trust your site has to be first evaluated on Google’s PageRank system. This system assigns every page on the Internet a ranking of one to ten. I personally would like to know more about this ranking system. How it works? How they are ranked? Who makes the call for what is better content then something else?

     Something that really surprised me was when the paper discussed search and social networking converging. I could not believe that Twitter’s search feature became so popular that it is now part of the main Twitter.com interface.

“Millions, for example, now turn to Twitter Search rather than Google News when news breaks.” (pg.5)

     After reviewing Search Engine Visibility An Edelman Digital Position Paper, the one factor that both surprised me and I learned something as well, was when it said 72.4 % of searchers said they found what they were looking for on the first page. This says a lot to me about Google in general because obviously they are doing something right when it comes to searches.


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