Benefits and Pitfalls of Social Media

Social Media is continuing to grow as we speak and the ability for it to continuing to grow and reaching others globally is increasing. All in all social media definitely has its pros and cons. Social media can be convenient because it helps in interacting with friends, family and acquaintances and also with networking. A good thing to remember or keep in mind if you are trying to increase your social web presence, is to remember that everything over the Internet is traceable and for the most part viewers can have access of view anything about you that you put out there online.

Before declaring my major in Public Relations, the only social networking site that I was active on was Facebook. Now I am a part of WordPress, LinkedIn, PR OpenMic, Twitter and still active on Facebook as well. I found all of these networking sites beneficial to me right now, and they have really helped me understand a lot more when it comes to social media and public relations networking. But to be perfectly honest I do not see all of these sites as favorable as the other. For example, I love Facebook because anyone I meet I can become friends with through Facebook and communicate with them through it. I enjoy logging onto Twitter to try and keep up with others, but I would say that I’m not nearly as active on here because sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say or tweet about. WordPress became part of my life about a year ago when I was in my first class with Barbara Nixon as my professor, and she just opened up so many more doors about what is out there and offered online. I enjoy reading other people’s posts and comments but at the same time, I feel like I do not have enough time in my day to become an active full-time blogger unless it was my profession. A downfall to social media and all the devices would be time management. In order to be active and really have your name out there, you really have to commit to each outlet, by checking and updating constantly.

The best part about social media and networking to me is being able to keep up with current trends and also keep up with friends and family easily. All the social media outlets out there provide us with ways to keep everyone updated on what is going on in our lives. As for networking and job searching, social media makes this a lot easier. Even though it does take away from the face-to-face interaction, there are things available out there, like Skype in which you can communicate through web cam’s and be able to see each other. Being able to communicate effectively with someone through these outlets is time consuming though, it sometimes can lead to miscommunications, delays if the internet service is not available, and also you can lose or not even have that personal one on one face-to-face interaction.

 Dr. John Sullivan provides some great tips on the benefits of social media for job seekers, check out his website:

 This site provides information on how to take advantage of social media when you job hunting:

 Here is blog I found and under the Career category they offer great advice for anyone who is job hunting, and the link provided below compares different social media outlets out there.


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