T.O.W. week 4- What does Social Media mean to me?

Adam Vincenzini asked people to tell him what they thought their definition of social media was in 140 characters or less on his blog or on twitter. After reviewing all the posts and tweets, I have chosen three that I find best describe social media to me.

@EmilyCagle Adapt, answer, broadcast, collaborate, communicate, connect, create, engage, follow, lead, learn, listen, question, share

This definition is appropriate because every word here goes along perfect with social media. Adapt is needed for this because as users we adapt to changes made in social networking. Answer is good because people can go to social media for answers in a quick way. Broadcast is perfect because everything is social media is broadcasted and made public for the public. Collaborate is everything coming together and this goes for how everything can be tied into one source of technology now a days. Connect is the connection or bond you have with others through these media channels. Create is the creative side to social media, there are no restrictions or limits. Engage is being apart of it, participating and encouraging it. Follow and lead go hand-in-hand; we could even use follow meaning twitter. Learn is learning to be able to use all media channels. Listen is important because listening reveals new insights. Questioning can be used for credibility. Lastly is share, and this is sharing everything around you through media.

JasonPeck social media is the platforms, tools and content that enable quicker, deeper and more personal connections, communication and collaboration

This definition is more to the point but it hits all the necessary aspects of social media. The tools and content enable us as users to more advanced technology and resources. Quicker, deeper, and more personal connections goes along with the trust you create by using social networking or monitoring the social media. Quicker also goes with faster information on hand and deeper means you can find out more than you think you can through media channels. Communication and collaboration are needed in social media, because social media is a form of communication that collaborates within other channels.

HowellMarketing SM doesnt replace traditional communications; it is multi-channels to leverage and distribute mass data to unlimited, global audience

I like the fact that this person used the word replace. Often time’s people who do not use social media as often as others might feel as if they are not being provided with the most up to date news through the media channels they are used to using. But in all reality nothing has been replaced, social media has just been revamped. It does provide multiple channels to distribute to a global audience. I like how this person also used global because global reminds me of reaching a lot of people.

My definition of social media in 140 characters or less is: “Social media is the quicker communication outlet to share and listen, collaborating with web 2.0, news and technology, accessible to anyone.”


One response to “T.O.W. week 4- What does Social Media mean to me?

  1. Brittany Maree

    The definition you chose that listed verbs to describe social media was a great definition. it encompasses all aspects of social media of what you can do with social media and what occurs when you use social media. I also like the last definition about social media and communication. I do think social media has not replaced traditional communication, but allows companies to connect with a mass of people, globally. This is very true. It allows you to market to people around the world and have to opportunity to receive feedback from consumers. However, traditional communication is still very important because that is how you create and maintain relationships with your clients.

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