Body Language in Job Interviews- PRCA 3711

To begin a job interview, always start with a handshake. Make sure the handshake is not wimpy but also not too firm. After beginning the actual interview it is important to remember your body language and your nonverbal signs, because we all know it is not what you say but how you say it.

Here are some tips that I came up with that I would find helpful in controling my body language and my nonverbal communication in an interview:

In sitting in your chair make sure to sit-up straight, legs together and cross the bottom of your ankles (girls if you’re in a skirt). If you choose not to cross your ankles then place both your feet on the ground to prevent you crossing and uncrossing your legs too much.  Also lean slightly forward towards the person interviewing you, this way you look engaged in the conversation and make sure not to lean back to comfortably in your chair.  Don’t lean towards the door, this will make it seem as if you are in a hurry to get out! Make sure to make eye contact with all the people that are interviewing you and use appropriate head nods when needed. When one interviewer asks you a question make sure in your response to look or make eye contact with everyone, and then bring your eyes back to the person who originally asked the question (this helps letting them know, you are done with your response). If everything is going perfect in the interview and then lastly a question or comment is made that you don’t agree with, it is vital to make sure to keep the mood positive and do not roll your eyes!  Make sure to be enthusiastic and keep the most positive expression you can on your face (regardless if you feel if things are not going right). Your overall facial expression makes a difference in interviewing too; do not have a blank stare, because it could seem that you are thinking about something else other than the interview. Make sure not to cross your arms, but instead place them on your lap. Don’t talk too much with your hands, if so you could accidently lead the interviewer into not being able to focus on what you are saying, but instead focus on your hands and arms moving everywhere. Try not to scratch or rub your head or neck during questions, it might seem as if you are uninterested or are not sure really what to say. Try your best to not let your legs shake during an interview, we all know that you are nervous, but don’t let it show through leg shaking. Another important factor in job interviewing is your overall appearance. It is essential for girls not to wear too much make-up, but at the same time make sure you have a fresh face and not last night’s make-up on. Also, don’t overload on the perfume or cologne this could cause headaches and make it hard for everyone to focus on what is being said and instead be focused on the smell in the room. Make sure your hair is clean and combed, and that your outfit really shows that you are dressed to impress.


2 responses to “Body Language in Job Interviews- PRCA 3711

  1. Hey Micaela! Great blog on non-verbals! I find it very important that you mentioned if girls are wearing a skirt to cross their ankles, not their legs. Sometimes we get so nervous by the interview that we forget what we are doing or what we’re wearing. You definitely don’t want to give your future employer an “eye full” by forgetting something so simple. I also like the part where you said to keep eye contact. I think this is very important. I always look people in the eye when I’m talking to them and find it very helpful to understand their feedback. I think it shows confidence when you have the ability to maintain eye contact and it also shows your interest for the position. A funny tidbit I found was about the overloading on cologne/perfume. Although you may not smell the fragrance on yourself others can and you definitely want to keep it light. I think it was great that you brought up that point because you never know who may have allergies.

  2. Micaela,
    The tips that you came up with about your body language in a job interview reminded me of a manors class that I took when I was little called “Pretty Me.” This was a really helpful class and so were your tips. You don’t realize that the slightest thing you do could be read wrong by someone like sitting in your chair. I’m definitely going to keep these tips in mind when I go on my first job interview. Especially, the tips you gave about leaning towards the door and how to sit in your chair properly during an interview.

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