PRCA 3711- Cover Letter Tips

Cover letters are your first chance to make a good impression; it is essential to make sure that your cover letter is perfect. A cover letter should not have any flaws and should really catch the attention of the person you are writing to. Here are some helpful tips, which I came up with- along with some supportive websites for more additional advice/tips of how to write a cover letter.

1.       The presentation of the cover letter is very important; because this is the first item a potential employer is seeing. Presentation can include; layout, format, font choice, correct usage of grammar, and whether there is an introduction, body and a conclusion.

2.       I believe it is also important to keep the letter very straightforward, not too long- but make sure the letter covers your most important attributes and skills (experience) you could possibly bring to the company.

3.       I believe that it is also very important to have someone review your cover letter. Whether it is someone you know or do not know, you could always ask them after reviewing it, if they found you (or your cover letter) as someone/something that would be able to stand out from others.

4.       It is also imperative to really get the attention of the person you are writing to. Make sure to start with a strong opening and end with a well-written even stronger closing.

5.       DON’T FORGET to sign the cover letter!

6.       For PR majors: It is also important to include any and all social media skills, if you are applying for a job where it is necessary.

7.       Make sure to include in your cover letter why you are sending your resume and what it is you are interested in, esp. if you have not had any previous contact/ communication with whom you’re writing to.

8.       It is important to thank the person you are writing to, for taking the time to consider you as a potential employee.

9.       Make sure you do not send out the same cover letter to every job you are applying for, it is important to keep it specific or tailor it to the job/company that you sent your information to.

10.     Try to avoid clichés or phrases that everyone else probably has written in their cover letter.


Cover Letter Do’s and Don’ts

 10 Cover Letter Writing Tips

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8 responses to “PRCA 3711- Cover Letter Tips

  1. ashleyprisfunrenfroe

    Ugh almost everytime I turned in a cover letter for PR Writing I would forget to sign it!!! hopefully that won’t happen when I send out a real one.

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  3. You had really good tips on how to write a cover letter. What do you think about using templates though, I know you said that you think all should be unique when you send them out, and I agree with that so that it is specific to the position you are sending it to, but do you think you can do them all in the same format? I feel that you would want to do your format kind of similar but put your own spin on it so that it can grab the employers attention and make them interested. I also wanted to know what you thought about sending in your resume and cover letter online, how would you suggest signing it, in class we talked about scanning your signature to place on the cover letter.

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  6. Micaela,
    I found your 10 tips to be really helpful and insightful. After reading through your post, I actually went back and edited a line in my cover letter after reading tip number 1o. I also, almost committed tip number 9 which states “make sure you do not send the same cover letter.” Thankfully, I caught this mistake before I emailed my resume package which was just in the nick of time. Also, I found the websites that you included at the end of your post really useful and I also referenced one of the websites in order to write my own post on this topic.

  7. I thought your post on cover letter tips was very informative. I also thought that the tip about including social media skills in your cover letter was interesting. I hadn’t thought about including these types of skills in a cover letter, but now that you have mentioned it I can see why. Esepeciallly when you are applying for a position involving public relations work.

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