Richard Bailey- Skype Diversity Choice (international film)

On November 5, 2009 our International PR class met with Richard Bailey via Skype. He was located in the UK and our class was in the normal spot in Veazey Hall in Statesboro, GA. Bailey also had Powerpoint slides to accompany his discussion on PR in the UK.

He started off by asking if we all spoke English, and then proceeded to ask the class to tell him where they had been outside of the United States. After my classmates started saying all the countries they had traveled to outside the United States, he told us that we did not fit the standard American profile. This was because most Americans are viewed by others to not even own passports. This is actually true of myself, I have never left the country and I still don’t have a passport at age 21. One thing that really shocked me was how many of my classmates had actually been outside the U.S., it seemed as if I was the only one or  maybe one of the few that had not left the U.S. and that all my traveling had taken place in the states.

During Bailey’s discussion he mentioned the UK and their media outlets, institutions, global institutions and organizations. He went into detail and used the analogy of how globalization is like a game that you can’t win- and that people see only “rich people” and then look at globalization is how all the others lose the game.

Overall I found Bailey’s discussion interesting, but due to technical difficulties with Skype that day it was hard to fully engage in the conversation since I could only hear him and not see him.


One response to “Richard Bailey- Skype Diversity Choice (international film)

  1. It was unfortunate that we could only hear and not see Richard, but maybe he’ll visit another class during your tenure at Georgia Southern.

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