Diversity at GSU

Last night I went to what most college students would consider a “small party.” It was the typical college party with kegs, loud music, people playing beer pong and pool, guys outside smoking while the girls stood by the fire outside to keep warm. 

 It was around 11:30 when one of my guys friends called and told me to stop by for a second, so me and my roommate decided why not? We figured why not its 11:30pm we will go for an hour just to say hey, then be home by 12:30-1am.  When we first walked up to the house I noticed that I only really recognized two of guys standing there, so I went right up to my friend that called to say hey. I figured that all these people that were there that he knew since it was his house, but comes to find out he did not know them, they were just his random neighbors who had heard the music and decided to stop by. 

My roommate says she is going inside for a second because she was cold, so I followed her in there. Little did we know that we were walking into a living room with a pool table with 6 girls dancing around the table.  I could not help but notice that these girls were hippies. Their style was unique and different and their look was something I would see from my mom’s yearbook.

 A little later I walk onto the screen porch and there are people playing beer pong, I glanced around and saw 2 asians smoking, 3 african americans playing around the bench press machine, 7 caucasians crowded around the keg, and about 3 people who were hispanic, just quietly keeping to themselves.

 As sad as this sounds I think this was the most diverse party I had ever been to in Statesboro. I definately think that GSU is diverse place, between my classes, my jobs, and where I live there is diversity all around me.  But going to a party where I really didn’t recognize anyone and then seeing all the different people made me realize even more how diverse GSU really is.

 Then the more I thought about it, this is what the real world is going to be like after college. Small get togethers with co-workers are going to be full of diversity and different personalities. I do not feel that there is a lack of diversity in Statesboro or at GSU, but I do feel that there is a lack of diversity when it comes to students all hanging out when it is not school related.  There is plenty of diversity at both of my jobs; I work at a bar on Thursdays where students from all ethnicities and races come to relieve a little stress, and I also work at a local apartment complex where the tenants are mainly students from GSU, but the tenants are from everywhere, including international students as well. 

This scenario right here opened up my eyes  in a good way.   I’m in my fourth year of college, and what is sad is this was the most diverse thing that I had been to by choice that was not an on-campus mandatory event, simply going to class, or walking across campus.



One response to “Diversity at GSU

  1. Interesting. It’s refreshing to read your honesty about the situation.

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