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International PR- Interview with Chen Xi


Reaction Blog PRCA333: Dr. Sun-A Lee

On September 23rd Dr. Sun-A Lee came to my International PR class to speak on Global Diversity and to inform us about where she is from, South Korea. I found Dr. Sun- A Lee extremely humorous and outgoing. There was a never a dull moment or any downtime in her presentation and she constantly was wanting feedback from the class. My favorite points that she brought up, was when she went over stereotypes. It was interesting to hear her stereotype of Americans before coming here. I thought it was really funny how she cleared up the misconceptions of Asians and eating dogs.  

One thing that surprised me that I learned from her was that only 1% of the world has college educations. I was completely shocked by that number but then again it does make sense due to the fact that 50% of the world  is suffering from malnutrition, so obviously  a lot of people can’t afford education.

The aspect that I found the most interesting overrall after meeting Dr. Sun- A Lee was comparing her to one of my best friends who is Korean. They are both very similar personality wise, but their mannerisms and they way they talk about Korea is completely different.