PRCA 3339- 2- Characteristics of Life Stages

Different ages call for different generations and popular trends, this is part of developing your life. As people more through their life stages there is usually a common stereotype to notice about each generation or age group. My favorite is the Middlescense, because I feel as if when your at this point in your life, everything is there for you. You most likely are financially stable, have a couple of kids, paid off your mortgage, and care about your job or you still would not be there.  At this point in your life, there is nothing holding you down because this is the mid-point in your life.

Middlescense (45 –55)

  • Also known as Second adolescence.
  • People are often not moving forward in life and are questioning their choices.
  • People realize they can’t control aging.
  • These people try to become active and act young and foolish.
  • Some people try and squeeze in things in their life that they have neglected, and some people just simply quit or give up.
  • Some desire relationships.
  • Search for a new place in life.
  • Harder to accept growing children.
  • Trying to relate to teenage children and their aging parents.
  • Some are adjusting to single life.
  • Men do not transition as well as women.
  • Income: $76,000-$84,000


Top ten jobs are:

1.    Nurses

2.    Post secondary teachers

3.   Accountants

4.    Analysts and Engineers

5.    Sales

6.    Data entry and Communications

7.    Consulting

8.    Corrections

9.    Financial fields

 10. Pharmacy and Physical Therapy

 *Middlescense is also known as second adolescence, in this age group people fall between the ages of 45 to 55.  In this stage people are often going in circles, and questioning their choices in life. It becomes harder for these women and men to make decisions, whether it is financial decisions, relationship decisions, career decisions or family decisions. These people realize they can’t control aging and life moving on so they being to reconsider everything. In the middlescense stage women and men try and act young and irrational, making purchases and decisions that are not necessary and sometimes not affordable. They realize there are thing that they might have missed out on life and they try to squeeze it all in. Some people also give up and quit on tasks or jobs they can’t complete or do not want to complete. These people also have “intimate attachments”, whether it is love or relationships they need, or attachment to feelings, desires and often time luxury merchandise or products. They begin to search for a new place in life, whether it is trying to find fun again and acting younger than they are, they might have a mid-life crisis. Or they might have a spiritual awakening. They also try and relate to both age groups whether it is their parents or their children, they may act as if they are too old to do anything to active, or they may try and become too vigorous and energetic trying too hard to fit in with their children. They begin to reexamine their jobs and figure out their obligations in life. One in three adults in this age group are not satisfied with their job, and one in five is looking for another job. They tend to work longer hours- for example most work 50 hours a week. 67% of these people say their top priority is to give back to society, and 33% of this stages top priority is their self and their family. Some people in this stage reassess their marriage and often times will have to adjust to single life, they begin to search for meaning in life, and will try to accept children growing by acting like they are one of them. – I found this picture funny, when researching about mid-life crisis


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