Typography is a visual form of communication. Alot more goes into typography than just grouping of letter that form a word. It has form and shape and personality. Typography has character, texture, and the power to express mood meaning and ideas. Designer’s have to pre-test their designs or publications in order to get the final logotype, Experts say it’s best not to be quick to settle for a design, but to make sure you meet the organizations needs. In businesss cards no font smaller than 8 needs to be used. Most business cards will have fonts from sizes 9 to 11. The organization needs to be anywhere from size 12 to 15. When creating a brochure the heading font needs to be larger by 20% and the body text in the brochure needs to be anywhere from size 9 to 14, just depending on how much content will go into the brochure.

How to create YOUR OWN business card from your home computer:http://www.ehow.com/how_4954_make-business-cards.html



Beginning Designers: If you are looking for free fonts that are attractive and detailed, I recommend http://www.dafont.com/

*This site is where I download the fonts I use in my publications.


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