Segementing Publics- TOMS Shoes

For Publications class each student had to choose an organization to create a brochure for. I have chosen and created a brochure for TOMS Shoes. This organization was founded by Blake Mycoskie after he traveled to Argentina and noticed how many children did not have shoes. He created TOMS Shoes which is based on for every pair of shoes sold one pair is donated. I am trying to target young adults with my brochure, because the shoes created are designed for a younger crowd to wear; they even have children’s shoes as well. I designed my brochure to very simple because I know being a young adult myself that when flyers or brochures are too wordy, that I do not even take the time to read what they are all about. My brochure is very straight forward, it tells the facts about what the company is, what it is they do, and how people can get involved. My brochure will have a long shelf life because I believe that people are just now starting to realize what TOMS Shoes are, even though they have been around for almost 4 years. The brochure will only need statistics updated and that is basically it, because the concept for the company most likely will not change. The way my brochure is designed will impact the viewers who choose to pick it up off the shelves, because the outside covers are catchy because they are just large images of the companys logo.

For more information about TOMS Shoes:



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