PRCA 3339 -1- Emotional Effects

Who would have ever thought that the way certain letter is written or typed could impact us? After learning about the emotional effects of fonts, I think alot more about a font when I choose one for a certain publication. “Researchers have found that fonts arouse similar emotions in different publics and can communicate connotatively”- Anne Van Wagener.

According to Linda P. Morton author of Strategic Publications; there are types of specialized fonts which refer to a miscellaneous catergory of fonts, designed as individuals instead of as families.  These fonts have a tendency to have ornate details that show bestin larger sizes. There are two subcategories fro specialized fonts they are; novelty and decorative. Novelty fonts are specialized fonts that suggest specialized functions or hardware to visually communicate a specific message ot tone. These letter are solid in color or illustration. Decorative fonts are specialized fonts that included ornate or flowery designs, shadows, shades or other three-dimensional techniques. Decorative fonts are not solid in tone or color.

To me the most common font is Times New Roman- which is said to be full of emotion in expressing tradition, efficiency, elegance, seriousness.


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