Summer Classes by Kati Ann & Micaela

Summer classes.. here we are in the back row.. wishing  we were at the pool. Looking like a mess in class even though class is not until 12, we still manage to have on t-shirts, athletic shorts and last nights make-up. We wished that fall and spring classes were like summer classes, they might be long, but they are so chill. To the left of us someone is tweeting and to the right someone is on facebook. . Oh yeah.. and the girl presenting just showed us “Charlie bit me” you tube video.. for the zillionith time in our life!  Boy!.. you Got to love summer classes!


One response to “Summer Classes by Kati Ann & Micaela

  1. Micaela…this post sounds more slack than we LOVE summer classes. haha, oh dear. Reword some of that! 🙂

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