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Target for brochure

TheMy target group for my brochure is college students. A lot of people may have heard of TOMS shoes but a lot people do not participate. I can inform students at this campus because they are looking for college reps as well as interns. I first heard of TOMS from another student at GSU and that is how I was first introduced. My target market can also be families in the local area because families are more likely to have money to donate and give to TOMS before students will. target


Summer Classes by Kati Ann & Micaela

Summer classes.. here we are in the back row.. wishing  we were at the pool. Looking like a mess in class even though class is not until 12, we still manage to have on t-shirts, athletic shorts and last nights make-up. We wished that fall and spring classes were like summer classes, they might be long, but they are so chill. To the left of us someone is tweeting and to the right someone is on facebook. . Oh yeah.. and the girl presenting just showed us “Charlie bit me” you tube video.. for the zillionith time in our life!  Boy!.. you Got to love summer classes!


Today in Publications class we are teaching other students “how to applications” for InDesign and WordPress. For my certain presentation I will be showing the class how to get the twitter updates on the wordpress blog. For those interested who are not in class can watch this you tube video


After completing the NewsU photography course online, I realized that there is a  lot more that goes into photography then I could ever think of. All of the photos on the site were really interesting and all they created a vivid visual. The main thing that surprised me about the site was when I was doing the quiz at the end alot of the images did not contain the vocabulary words that I thought they were. I would like to learn more about photography and how people becomes good photographers.